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We fix mobile phone screens in Cyprus Larnaca Phone Repair Mobile Phones Parts in Cyprus Parts

Battery Replacement

 20 to 35 Euros + Part

Screen Replacement

 35 to 45 Euros + Part


Phones Parts For Repair

Charging Port Replacement/ Repair

20 to 35 Euros + Part or not

Phone Frame / Back Cover Replacement

20 to 50 Euros + Part




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    He fixed my daughter's phone very fast for the reasonable price. Now it works like new and I don't need to buy new one ;). Thank you
    Eugene Pr
    Eugene Pr
    Definitely recommended!!! Dropped my phone from the 2nd floor and in 24h they fixed it as new. Thank you very much!!!
    Georgia Anastasiou
    Georgia Anastasiou
    Πολύ εξυπηρετικοί. Σε πολύ γρήγορο διάστημα το τηλέφωνο μου ήταν έτοιμο αφού είχα σπάσει την οθόνη. Πολύ καλή τιμή.
    Costas Phidia
    Costas Phidia
    Best repair shop in Cyprus…. Definitely recommend to everyone, they fix my phone and computer in a timely maner. Fair prices and greatest service.
    Tasos Anastasiou
    Tasos Anastasiou
    5* amazing service
    Aldo Cyprus
    Aldo Cyprus
    Bought a new phone from them, no just they did me a good price and offer me a tempered glass they help me for free passing my old files to my new phone 5 stars staff
    Petros Konomou
    Petros Konomou
    Super helpful and informative! They are quick to respond and the delivery time was surprisingly quick! Thank you Mobile Phones Cyprus team.
    witthaya kittiratanaporn
    witthaya kittiratanaporn
    Excellent Job
    Eleni Panagiotou
    Eleni Panagiotou

    Are You Looking For The Best Mobile Phones Cyprus Repair Shop?

    Accidents do occur. Accidents happen no matter how hard you try, so it’s as if it’s a scientific rule. Because of our growing connectedness and phone usage, many of these mishaps now include our phones’ screens. A cracked phone screen renders the phone useless, however, it normally does not affect the core mechanics’ operation. Having a phone screen fixed by a professional might save you money over buying a new phone.

    Many firms have begun to sell do-it-yourself screen repair kits as a result of the rapid pace at which phone displays shatter. This DIY method is quite dangerous. Smartphones are delicate and complex; these kits typically don’t include all of the necessary equipment to accomplish a thorough repair, and without the knowledge of a professional phone screen repairman, you risk gravely damaging the phone.

    What skills do you need to repair the phone screen?

    • Use the Internet for assistance.

    Today, the Internet is unquestionably all-purpose; it contains a wealth of information. If you’re having trouble with your cell phone, it’s a smart idea to look for answers on the internet. In many situations, there is a straightforward solution for a certain model’s flaw that you may not be aware of. You might be shocked to learn that by following the easy instructions provided, you can solve the problem. Many websites, forums, and YouTube videos can provide guidance for general issues you can’t answer on your own.

    • Get All of the Tools You’ll Need

     A decent workstation has all of the essential equipment. Because mobile phone repair is such a broad field, several specialized instruments are required in addition to standard equipment. As a result, professionals and technicians should always have specialized tools on hand to carry out certain repair processes.

    Mobile Phones Cyprus
    • Maintain a clean working environment

    A tidy workstation can help a competent mobile phone repair specialist provide better outcomes. If you want to increase your productivity, keep your office clean and tidy. A messy and chaotic workplace reflects people’s character and conduct, whereas a clean setting always draws individuals. It’s preferable to get a dedicated cell phone repair storage box for all of the various parts and tools. It will not only keep your work surface clean, but it will also prevent you from losing crucial pieces.

    • Safeguard the information of your customers.

    Only if you accept to fix a customer’s device must you assure the security of their SIM card and memory card. It would be preferable if you were more organized, such as by setting a separate tiny box with the client’s name or phone model or a digital receipt that you could give to the consumer. This will make it simple for you to return it to consumers. If you’re fixing your phone, make sure you don’t remove any data unless it’s really necessary. Because the data might be significantly more crucial than the phone itself in some circumstances. If it is absolutely required to take backup data, the consumer must agree and then the phone must be reset.

    • Ensure that you have all of the necessary parts on hand. 

    If you own a repair shop, make sure you replace all of the necessary parts. If you have the most common types of spare parts on hand, you’ll have an edge since you’ll be able to fix the phone right away instead of wasting time when it comes in for maintenance. It is usually better to explore the local market first in order to select the most popular model components for your stock; this will save you time and help you succeed in this competitive market.

    OR Should I Hire a Professional Technician from the Mobile Phones Cyprus Repair Center?

    • You should select the best phone repair services since they are really good at what they do. They are skilled at what they do, and when you employ them, you will be pleased that they are able to fix your phone properly. When you engage them, you can be certain that your phone will continue to operate normally. These are the same professionals that make it a point to propose that you get certain items installed and explain why. Find out more about the advantages of using Mobile Phones Cyprus services.
    • These specialists are extremely skilled at what they do, as seen by the numerous services they provide on a regular basis. These professionals provide computer repair, tablet repair, and laptop repair services. This just demonstrates that they are capable of doing the job. You don’t have to keep an eye on them if you trust them with your gadgets. Be sure that they are professionals that you can trust to fix your device, and you will receive them in fine working order. Learn more about the advantages of using a phone repair service on….

    Questions you should ask a phone Mobile Phone Cyprus Repair Technician?

    • Mobile phones Cyprus, guarantee Or Warranty

    Many mobile phone repair services provide warranties ranging from 30 days to 12 months. This normally covers parts and labor for your repair, but it nearly never covers things like water, bodily, or accidental damage. On a variety of fixes, Fix My Mobile even offers a limited lifetime warranty.

    Most people overlook the importance of this warranty in extending the life of your phone after it has been repaired. Why? Because if you just give a 30-day guarantee, it’s quite easy to utilize low-cost, low-quality parts that are prone to break.

    • Why is Mobile Phone Cyprus less expensive?

    If you’ve read the rest of this post, you’re presumably already aware of why the cheapest repairer is simply that: the cheapest. Especially when we consider a regular ‘backyard’ repairer. It’s not difficult to get started fixing phones. You may get components from eBay with no quality control, read a few web pages outlining a specific phone repair, and then sit in your living room and go to work claiming to be as competent as the next repairer. 

    Repairing phones that have been fixed by other repairers is a large part of our job. As previously said, many individuals believe that all mobile phone parts are manufactured by a single facility that follows the same criteria. This is why so many individuals must then come up with the funds for a second repair, often only weeks after the first was completed!

    Don’t fall into this trap. Fix My Mobile-only utilizes components that are covered by a guarantee, and we also provide a price match service to ensure you receive the greatest deal on your repair. But it’s also for this reason that we limit our price matching; for the reasons stated above, we won’t price match “Bob from next door. Mobile Phones Cyprus LT. utilizes high-quality components acquired from the best sources, and we back up all of our claims with one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

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